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Original release: Here is a List of Things That Exist (Square of Opposition/Death to False Hope Records)


All these stories of failure
They keep us warm like old blankets
Or sweaters out of a freebox
At 4 in the morning
When the fire is dying

When the fire is dying

All these stories of failure
Of guys who said “Fuck it.”
Of girls who said “Who gives a shit?”
And walked away with their dignity
Walked away with integrity
Yeah, I kind of call bullshit on that

Or at least some of it

All these stories of Adam
You know I saw him last weekend
At the Huntington El stop
And he asked me for money
And I was like “Are you kidding dude?”
Do you even know who you’re talking to?

Remember, I used to do this too
Shit, once or twice I even did it with you
But he just kind of looked through me
So I got on the subway

All these stories of people
People like me and you
You know that I kind of like you
I get the sense that you like me too
Tell me, what are we gonna do?

Tell me, what are we gonna do?
With these stories of failure




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The Rentiers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Traveling Wilburys of not-punk

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