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Original release: Here is a List of Things That Exist (Square of Opposition/Death to False Hope Records)


You found a marbleized notebook in the garage
Of fan fiction about Nicki Minaj
And a mixtape labeled “Songs About Margaret Thatcher
(And Ronald Reagan)"

And a wedding ring with an amethyst
Inscribed “Here is a list of things that exist”
And a picture of your grandmother with Edith Piaf
After the war

And all of sits atop a a wooden chest
And inside of that there's a soot-stained vest
That belonged to some guy who lived and died
Like it was no big deal

I can’t concentrate

It comes and goes in waves
Sometimes it goes away
Sometimes it stays

I can’t concentrate

Keep the small rules, break the big ones
Keep the small rules, the small rules are the easy ones
For the people who will tell you how to live
The small rules are the only ones they care about or understand

I can’t concentrate




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The Rentiers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Traveling Wilburys of not-punk

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